Social Media Round Up June 2019

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up June 2019

This past month has brought the better weather and quite an uptick in my offline presence. I've been getting out and about a bit this month and have had stands at both BizExpo and South East Digital Picnic this month. I was speaking also at BizExpo and chose the topic Imposter Syndrome as a change. It was really well received by the attendees and I had some lovely feedback on social media, most especially on Twitter. Thanks so much for the support folks!

As an advocate for social media I know I should remain loyal to that, however keep it real peeps - connecting with people face to face still really pays off!


Not content with removing the focus from being a mobile CV, now they want to look like Facebook. OK, maybe that's not fair. They have showed us slightly different emoticons:

What does this mean for this "serious" business platform? Are the Millennials/Snowflakes responsible for this??

I wonder whether they each have an algorithm implication? Why can't anyone get angry or have the craic (laugh) on LinkedIn?

Maybe this is meant to encourage more conversation and to appeal to the younger masses? Let me know what you think and please watch out for the update coming out now.Something else LinkedIn never does very loudly I've noticed, is tell us about updates. The odd person slips it out there, or heck you just discover it for yourself. This latest update is hoping to encourage us to be more social on its professional platform.

Now you can photo tag and video share in messaging. The Facebooking of LinkedIn is well on its way. Mind you Facebook did kind of Snapchat itself, so I guess they're all really at it.Do you still see LinkedIn as a professional profile?


This past month Facebook has announced they are now storming the Cryptocurrency market. Although this has nothing to do with social media it is worth noting that their diversification has taken a large turn. In a word it's going to be yet another type of virtual coin that should hopefully help maintain and manage the already mad equilibrium of the crypto market. This new coin is called Libra and only time will tell if it stands to hold itself up against the other giants out there. As of today (Early July) it's already receiving a backlash!

Social Media Round Up June 2019


There is always winners and losers in every update that happens on social media and this update for Twitter is displaying both in this blog from Joshua Benton of Nieman Lab.

Hands up how many of you ever added a "location" to your tweet unless you were at an event or a special occasion? No, me either. This has now been made redundant and frankly it does make sense to me. The win of course is that data privacy is being secured - apparently the loss is to journalists (I'm one) and researchers (not one of these) who can now no longer find out where Kris Jenner is tweeting from...

Google My Business

With the death of Google+ I honestly felt a bit depressed about the loss of all that lovely SEO. However, Google My Business seems to have taken up a lot of slack which is nice.

They have had to transform it to be a lot easier and faster to update and organise and frankly the Smartphone App is a breeze. I love the way it prompts you to update - it means you never forget to update something at least once a fortnight. I also schedule stuff to go to it as well but thats an aside.

In this blog from Search Engine Land, they confirm this month they have added more branding tools and have added short names to make it even easier for you to be found. If you're not on Google My Business yet, it really is something you need to consider. It's free and massively searchable!

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