Social Media Round Up June 2017

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

The Social Media Round Up June 2017 has been (I think) quite hard to do. Mostly because I have trying my best to spend as little time indoors as humanly possible. I have recently rediscovered a passion for cycling! I especially enjoy it first thing in the morning (6-7am). The freedom of little or no traffic on the roads, the relatively cooler temperatures and the stillness. It has really been a lovely escape, I highly recommend it. Now back to business:


I found this article particularly interesting, as I was under the impression that there was NO organic reach when it comes to Facebook posts. I mean, there is of course when you go viral, but you have to have all the stars aligned unless you're a celebrity these days for that to happen. This blog post from Social Report will bring you to some really excellent suggestions in how to improve your reach, give it a go and please let me know how you get on.

You might have noticed that Facebook have now allowed you to add video in your business page header. Not many businesses have updated it yet so you could make yours stand out by doing it. I found this post and video very useful from the Marketing Crowd.

Snapchat Maps

Personally, I think this was an awful idea of Snapchats! Now all sorts of people can locate you - even to your house! They can visit you at places you frequent - it's all a little too stalkerish in my humble opinion. However, it IS now out there and if you or a member of your family has a Snapchat account that they use - you are now VISIBLE to all and sundry! I immediately put my account into "Ghostmode" - safest option. Learn more about this significant security change here. Protect your privacy - read this post!


All social media (where possible) should drive traffic to the piece of the internet that YOU actually own - your website. This is why it is important that you add links to it as often as possible. It makes it more possible to re-target and better understand who your audience is. Fortunately Instagram have now made it possible to add a link to their images now and this will only benefit you more! Have a read of this How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Stories for more detail.

Google Analytics

My pet peeve when my business started up was Google Analytics. I knew it was important to have and have an understanding of - but did it have to be so complicated! Since then I have scoured the internet trying to find more and more explanatory posts on this enigma of mine and over time have started to get a glimmer of comprehension! I hope you find this one from Ian Cleary of Razor Social of interest:25 Google Analytics Admin Settings Explained.

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