Social Media Round Up June 2015

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Hi all

Temperatures are going to reach 25 degrees today apparently in sunny Wicklow! How on earth will I find the concentration to do my round up you ask? Simple, I have been preparing it all month :D

I am very keen to seen what I have learnt new this time next month, as I have The Big Social Media Conference in Manchester in a few days time! Very excited to meet all the people I have been learning so much from in the past few years!

Facebook Moments App

This was rolled out on the 15th June after Facebook finally got a photo face recognition app spot on with Moments. Reading the write ups about it has really brought home how brilliant this technology is and it can even seek images of you elsewhere on Facebook. Just like your iPhone it can group photo's to a day or a particular event, but with this technology it can do it automatically. It can recognise others in your photos that you're connected to and suggest you share (but you don't have to of course). Read the full write up from WIRED here.

Building a Successful Campaign

Research into your Campaign has to be specialist in your field of course; but there are methods that you can use that every type of industry and business can use:

  • (then choose "tools" and Keyword Planner)
  • and reading this!

Make sure to measure what works and what doesn't and take into account the time of year, social events and even the budget. These all have an impact on your campaign. Make sure you have a concise and accurate Customer Profile. Without one you cannot bring people to your business and have them purchase anything!

What Facebook Knows About You

OK, it's an oldie but a goodie! Fascinating insight from Business Insider about how Facebook decide what ads you need to see. I of course have like various different types of pages over the years and bless them Facebook have remembered every single one of them! However, with this link we can now change our preferences and can understand why perhaps you have no idea as a builder by trade you keep seeing ads for makeup!

Best Platform for Business?

Small Business owners spend hours every week posting on various different mediums and sometimes to no avail. Are you on the right Social Media Platforms? Hubspot this month did an extensive article on "The Big Four" and have come up with some interesting findings. I have to say I agree with Mari Smith:

"... Now that Instagram ads rolled out last fall and they just (finally) added CTA buttons and the ability to target using interests a la Facebook data, I would count Instagram in the big four and not G+. Also, Pinterest has 'buyable pins" coming out soon that will be a big contender for online merchants."

I would love to know your thoughts!

Useful Blogs

Carol O'Kelly from Redstorm Marketing recently posted a blog post on "5 LinkedIn Company Page Tips to Enhance your Marketing"

Greg Fry from Content Plan posted a very useful blog entitled "6 Content Marketing Must Do's for StartUps"

I look forward to posting next month!!

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