Social Media Round Up January 2021

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups
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Welcome to February 2021

Well that was the longest month I've had in a while! Some semblance of order has hit our house, how about you?  Homeschooling is so much easier now that both schools have got some online presence. My youngest works through Seesaw and my eldest is on Microsoft Teams (all day). I am personally dreading and feeling relieved about the next two weeks, Exams for my eldest and then a week off - Yay!

Anyway, enough of that... here's the latest...


How to Improve Your Facebook Ads

We all want to improve our chances of doing Facebook Ads successfully and let's face it, the goalposts change frequently enough! In this post from Tara Zirker at the end of December last year, she helps explain how to avoid the most frequent ad mistakes that can be easily avoided. Really worthwhile reading and can make a significant difference to your Ad spend in the future. Check this blog post out for further details.

Image: Social Media Examiner

Facebook is getting rid of Likes!

Its always been a little confusing for people to understand why there was two buttons on a page. You can Like a Page but then unfollow it?  However, in the coming updates this will no longer be an option. This has long been needed to up engagement and reduce a vanity metric like Likes. Read more about it in the update shared by Mari Smith.


The Next New Phenomenon?

OK, OK, I finally caved!  Amanda Webb of Spiderworking was kind enough to nominate me and I was up on Clubhouse from 2nd January 2021. I'm creatively named @melanieboylan. It's an interesting platform if not a little overwhelming. You do get a sense of the same voices a lot and by the end of January, Clubhouse had to put a cap on the amount of groups and clubs and clubpods. It is a good tool though and its nice to hear people and connect personally. There's still a fair bit to iron out though. Privacy issues and security are among a number of concerns but there are ways and means to protect your phone data - if you know how!

To this end, check out these two links - one from Social Media Examiner and the other from Mari Smith herself. Its the same with every new social media tool - there's gonna be bumps in the road!


Creator Dashboard for Instagram

Are you a creative?  If so, then you'll likely have "some" presence on Instagram. They have decided to create a Professional Dashboard that will have a lot more tools and analytics available to the creator. There are 3 areas they have been working on that include Track, Grow and Stay Informed. This is only the beginning though. By being an early adopter of this you'll be getting on the rung and may even be able to Beta Test upcoming products and systems. Learn more in this blog post!

Social Media Today Image


10 Steps to LinkedIn Success

I love this fresh new way to look at LinkedIn for 2021. Simple 10 steps to complete that anyone can do and I can see this working if you wish is to utilise LinkedIn as your method for building your connections.

There's a fair bit of time needed to do all of these but I can see it would be measurable and you'll see a change fairly quickly I would imagine. Read this blog from Chris J "Mohawk" Reed in Forbes.

LinkedIn add's Swipe Up Links to their Stories

Ah...the Facebookification continues! LinkedIn apparently tested this out last November for a few people and it was received well and will be rolling this out to certain people in the coming months. It does have a proven track record of converting so its worth each platform adding this. I'm not sure if it's here in Ireland yet but please do tag once you see it.

January Podcasts for The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Podcast 53 - 2021 Predictions from The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Podcast 54 - What's Your Social Media Plan?

Podcast 55 - Confidently Live with Ian Anderson Gray

Podcast 56 - Would you Add Pricing to Products and Services?

Podcast 57 - Interview with Serial Entrepreneur John C Morley


Truly January has seen a transformative effect on lots of businesses. With little end in sight for this pandemic, many businesses are having to change and up their game using techniques that they thought they would never need. The only upside to this pandemic in my opinion is all the innovations that have come out of it. Are you going to be adopting any of the new changes?  Are you going to Go Live more often?  Try Podcasts maybe?

As usual, I'll be here next month!  Send me any questions in the meantime and I'll try to cover them next month!

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