Social Media Round Up February 2021

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups
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Welcome to March!

Personally March has been tough and professionally even harder. With yet another extension to the lockdown here in Ireland and the fact that myself and a lot of my clients and subscribers are resuming our roles as teachers/referees for another number of weeks. This has put real pressure on the workload we can all take on and frankly on a mental health aspect, its getting draining being stuck inside so much. I can hear and feel the frustration palpably through calls and zooms - most certainly in the last 2 weeks of February. There will be light at the end of the tunnel - eventually!


What Clubhouse can do, we can do!

I personally feel it makes excellent business sense to go with what's working. If Facebook can bring this format to their platform then why not. With the established audience they already have and of course the budget - the updates they could do would be fast and vast. However, security and privacy will still be a watchpoint regardless of who's running it. Want to learn more? Then read this article in The Verge out last month.


Want to Pay for a Twitter Subscription?

OK, that was a little bit clickbaity, I apologise! However, they are looking at monetizing and bringing them a new revenue stream. I can see just existing on Ads especially during a Pandemic could be a little hard for any platform / business, so this would make a bit of sense in fairness. I do wish I had seen the survey though last year, it never showed on my feed as I would have liked to participate in that. Did you see the survey mentioned in this article from Search Engine Journal about premium add-ons? Send me a DM if you have!

Twitter Spaces

Have you heard of this new toy on Twitter yet?  Well surprisingly they have pipped Facebook to the post and have already come up with a concept to match (ish) Clubhouse and have been testing it for the last few months. Check out this article from Gadgets 360 and see if you think you would want to be a part of yet another audio gimmick.


Every month I share an article pretty much on why sorting out and updating your LinkedIn profile is essential and unfortunately still there is a lot of profiles that haven't been updated. I say unfortunate as it's not just an online CV and hasn't been for a very long time. It's a marketing tool - a "expert platform", an awareness tool that keeps you top of mind as well. If you feel its time to update yours then check out this article today!


Google Analytics

All sorts of things are Google as I'm sure you're aware. Nothing quite like getting a handle on Google Analytics though. It's a missed opportunity when you don't monitor your website to see what's working and even only 3 or 4 years ago it was quite hard to understand. However, they have simplified the platform a lot over the last few years and have made a lot easier to navigate and add goals and reporting. Check out this blog here from Forbes and get started on using this FREE and very valuable tool.

Useful Blog

How to Create an Awesome Webinar for Your Audience By Samantha Kelly

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I hope you have found this months round up useful and look forward to sharing all the latest updates for March at the beginning of April! In the meantime if you have any questions or queries on any of the topics here, then please let me know!

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