Social Media Round Up April 2023

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups
Social Media How To’s and Top Tips

In this months round up I start sharing my journey of what Twitter Blue is like and other topical content that busy entrepreneurs should know about their socials! #socialmedia #blog

Welcome to May

This last month has been a little on and off for me with the last Easter break for my Primary child. Can't believe she goes up to Secondary this September! It was nice to have a little break with my family though. Last one until July!

Let's see what's been happening with the socials shall we? Let's get started:


Two Factor Authentication

I'm sure its no shock to you to see that Meta have this. It's already been around for quite a while in fairness but not widely known. So I thought I would use this round up to remind you of the value and importance of getting this for your socials overall. Make sure to use a long and complex password, it does make it harder! Read more about this from Meta here.


Reels: Trending Reels, Better Insights and Gifts!

Last month Meta pushed out these three updates on Reels. Now admittedly this is massively useful for Creators but as there appears to be so much emphasis on Reels these days, maybe we're missing something here?? Judging by the publication of stats late last year - it rapidly becoming more important and relevant to add Reels to our marketing strategies.

  • Meta are adding a dedicated destination to find inspiration through trending audio and hashtags on Instagram Reels.
  • They are adding two new metrics to Reels insights: total and average watch times.
  • They're also bringing gifts on Reels to more countries and adding a feature to let creators recognize fans’ gifts

Learn more about these updates by reading their blog here.

5 Links Now in Your Bio

Unless you've been under a rock you've probably heard that you can now add extra links and not need to rely on Linktree or like it if you don't have to, They sure took their merry time to get round to this but now they have. It's not very hard to do either.

Check out how to do it here.


Creating a Better Hedshot with Canva

It seems so obvious to me now, now that I've read this but you may not have seen this as yet. This blog shows you step by step on how to create a perfect image you can use for work without ever stepping into a pricey photographers studio, who then has to spend days editing your image as well. Fabulous tips and I shall definitely be using this to help me create content in future.

Have a read and best of luck with it.


Twitter Media Studio has gone

For many years Twitter Media Studio was the first and only place you could schedule for FREE tweets for up to a couple of months. Sadly, without any real warning this facility was removed last month. It's been a great tool to use, especially for campaigns and as no real explanation has been given I'm not sure why. All I can think of is perhaps they want to do something better than that for Twitter Blue Subscribers? 

Twitter Blue - Month One

OK, so last month I told you I bit the bullet and paid for my subscription. Already since November last year I had seen my followers dropping each month in the analytics Twitter currently still gives you (who knows, that may be next?). So thought I'll pay for Twitter Blue to see if it would improve my visibility and hopefully stop this slow decline I've been getting. Now I'm sure some of this decline has been down to the fact that people are also leaving Twitter as well.

So now a month in and my followers have frankly fallen off a cliff...I've lost 27 just this last month. Hmmm not impressed but it's also likely they are annoyed they don't want to pay for Twitter Blue as well - who knows? IF there is any benefit at some stage I'll let you know. Alternatively - I'll keep you apprised of what happens nest.

Google Business Profile

Did you get a text from Google?

Apparently they have started TEXTING people about updating their profile. If I saw something like that I would have thought it fake so not sure I would trust it personally. Now this was discovered by Molly Youngblood who brought it up on Twitter and it appears to be legit, but please do keep checking online with authorities in the niche before clicking on random links!

Google Analytics

Your Monthly Reminder that You Need to Update this Now!

Universal Analytics is Going Away in JULY 2023, Get GA4 Today!

Last year Google announced that Universal Analytics (UA) was being sunsetted on the 1st of July 2023. This means you need to move over to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as soon as possible to allow data to be collected in the interim months. They can work in tandem in the intervening period, while you get more familiar with the new process. It does look quite different and needs to be navigated in a whole new way. Learn more about the changes in this blog from Hubspot.

1:1 Marketing Strategy Course Designed for You

Supported Digital Marketing Strategy Training - Your Social Media DIY Trainer

If you're looking for a more one on one style of training to create a strategy for your social media and overall digital marketing and would like to know how to do this by yourself for your own business or for the company you work for, then you maybe interested in doing this training that I offer.

I help you create it at a pace you set, filling in the gaps in your knowledge along the way. You'll be given work to do between the sessions that you can manage and that won't be overly disruptive to your everyday workload.

This will give you accountability and you can contact me anytime during the training if you have any questions that crop up between sessions.

Are you on track for your goals and targets so far? If not, then maybe you should contact me. I have set aside some regular time slots to offer this training and it can run either in 1 month, 6 weeks or even 12 weeks if you prefer! I can give you the dates to fit around both our schedules from day one so you know this in advance. If you would like to learn more about what this covers, then visit this page.

This course has been currently accepted by 5 Local Enterprise Office Areas as suitable for the Trading Online Voucher but you can also get this training directly. Check out all the lovely testimonials I have received regarding this course.

Do you want to be a part of a (No BS) Business Strategy 1:1 and Get Stuff Done?

From January 2023 I am running a monthly Accountability 1:1 for 30 minute per week. These are the basis of my weekly Business Strategy meet ups. These meetings are pre booked by you at times that work around your own schedule.

You will first complete a pre qualifying form so I know where you're starting from and we shall then speak weekly and have a private 1:1 Facebook Group that keeps you pushing forward and getting stuff done.

How they work:

What do you need help with? Creating Goals, starting or finishing a project, creating an event, writing a book, marketing?

Book weekly dates for the next month that we can talk straight into my calendar.

Pay the monthly fee - visit the webpage

You will then receive an email from me with a link to the Facebook group and we shall meet either in person at my office if you're local or via zoom, the choice is yours.

April Episodes for The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Podcast 170 - Recovering your Meta Business Page

Podcast 171 - Sustainability in Business with Georgina Thomas (Tell Us Media)

Podcast 172 - Old School Ways to Market Your Business

Podcast 173 - Reviewing Your Analytics How and Why

New Etsy Store Now Open!

Esther and I are delighted to announce that we have now opened a Etsy Store and you can pick up merchandise and useful downloads that will help you learn and better understand your marketing!

Visit the shop today and every month for new downloads!


I hope you find this months round up useful and look forward to bringing you more updates in a few weeks time. If you need anything in the meantime, don't hesitate to contact me.

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