Social Media Round Up April 2021

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups
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Welcome to May

The weather has turned, our freedoms have increased and people are just starting to feel a little brighter and more full of promise. Let's hope this lasts!!

Check out some of the changes that have happened over the last four weeks.


Third Party App Scheduling in New Facebook Pages Experience

I use a third party called Hootsuite for a lot of my scheduling. They sent me a message this past month suggesting I NOT move over to the new Facebook experience if I wanted to continue using a 3rd party app. I've not been offered it as yet but won't change over until my 3rd party apps have been updated.

If you have however already changed over, then you can change back to "classic" but any posts that you may have created in the new experience won't be available any more.

Check out the updated notification from Hootsuite here:  Facebook’s new Pages experience and Hootsuite.

Facebook New Pages Experience

Some comments that have come up over the last few weeks about this update have suggested that some people are experiencing some problems with the update. We do see this, pretty much every time a platform makes a large change to their platform. It just gets glitchy for a while.

If you can no longer schedule through Publishing Tools - try using Business Suite. Others have the Creator Studio tab directly.

Facebook Analytics is Going Away

Now this isn't what you're thinking! This is a standalone tool on Facebook that frankly very few people ever used well certainly in the last year or so anyway.

You can still access your analytics through Facebook Pages Manager and Instagram as usual and for more detailed information you can access your data through Business Suite, Ads Manager and Event Manager. Check out the full announcement from Facebook here.

Facebook Audio

The team at Facebook aren't oblivious to their competitors and have very quickly looked at how they can compete with Clubhouse and now Twitter Spaces. They made this announcement last month.

Facebook Scheduling Stories

It's been a long time coming, but now you can schedule your Facebook Stories in Business Suite. This is going to be massively useful for Marketers and business owners alike who have been having to make time to do this. I believe Facebook will be eventually getting rid of Creator Studio completely eventually and we'll all be moved to Business Suite and the fact they have added this dependence is something towards it. I just hope they improve the experience of it before too long as personally I find Business Suite less streamlined to Creator Studio.


A while back Instagram took away Likes in a bid to help peoples mental health. Now there seems to be an option coming up where you can decide whether to have the Like counts or not. This was a good idea in my opinion but nice to have the choice for those that feel they can cope with it. Learn more about this update here from


Linkedin and Microsoft

I bet you never expected to see those two words together. Me either to be honest - but last year in June they became part of a Global Skills Initiative that has now had over 30 million people and 249 countries involved. It's an initiative that is helping people train for FREE for a set of roles. If its time you upskilled, the4n take advantage of this offer by check out the post here from the Irish Times.


Twitter Spaces to Get Own Tab

As this new shiny toy is being used more and more, Twitter have decided to give it its own tab to encourage even more usage. This was recently revealed by Jane Manchun Wong in a tweet. By adding it in a more obvious place and not keeping it kept hidden in Fleets and of course just on your phone to create tweets it should really help this app become a massive contender to Clubhouse. Twitter have had to up their game as they know they're being chased by Facebook now.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the end of year face off between these two social media giants! (Now I'll leave you wondering which two I mean...)

April Podcasts for The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast

Podcast 66 - The Marketing Mix (The 4 P's)

Podcast 67 - How to Market Cyber Security and Bird Seed with Wayne Denner

Podcast 68 - How to Create a Client Avatar

Podcast 69 - Customer Experience with Victoria Taylor


Facebook have come back with a lot of updates this month!  Also the iOS update has now kicked in and if you do Facebook Ads you may now notice a dip in your data. This can be a tricky time for businesses as they notice the effectiveness of their ads drop. Facebook are working on it as indeed are Google, LinkedIn and others.

I hope you enjoy our podcasts this month. Speaking to Wayne and Victoria, they were such a great laugh as well as both enormous fonts of knowledge. As ever, if you have any topics you want us to cover then contact me the usual way. Catch you next month!

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