Social Media Round Up April 2020

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

It's now been just over 7 weeks since we started the "reduced movement" (not Lockdown) here in Ireland due to COVID19 and it looks like it may not end this month as hoped!

This past month I have sadly had several clients hold me over until their business reopens and of course all of my speaking events have either been cancelled or postponed.

On the upside I am now a Mentor with LEO Westmeath and now able to support businesses whilst they go through this great shift. I also landed another role a Lead Manager for UK & Ireland for the League of Amazing Social Entrepreneurs. The Master Groups is here. Finally, I can confirm I am now part of David Browne's collaborative team and offer Social Media Management through his company. David is a specialist Wordpress Website designer and manager. So a busy month overall!

All of these engagements have all been made possible through Social Media! I have since then met up with each business Face to Face afterwards. Its just magic... Now let's get started for this months round up shall we.


Are you making the most out of Marketing yourself? Sometimes you just need to update but others you need to highlight what your best skills are. Read my latest blog and make this quick and smart changes today! 7 Quick Ways to Update Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Tell Your Story on LinkedIn

More and more we're getting used to digesting information in a storytelling format. It's compelling, it draws you in and makes you want to learn more. The LinkedIn Summary is no different. Hear from Harvard Business Review and see what they suggest.


How to Send Instagram DMs from your Desktop

For so long Instagram has been solely on your phone. Handy in some respects, not so in others. After 9 years, 6 months and 28 days they have finally made it possible to send a direct message on your desktop! Read this article from, who seemed as excited as I am!

Instagram is Redesigned with the Creator in Mind

I know a few people use IGTV as a channel for their business and the company have now made it even easier to create within their app. You can now also share your videos to your stories and have a button to click away to the full video. As we now have to all change shift to improve our marketing, maybe its time you checked out IGTV for your business. Who knows how, long it will stay free at this rate? Read more here.

Instagram Stickers for Food and Small Business

It's really like there is no other news at the moment, isn't it? So Instagram are creating attractive stickers now. These are ideal for businesses that have gift cards maybe? Alternatively you can use the fundraiser stickers if you're a charity. These stickers mean you can simply tap on them and get them purchased. Have a read of the release from Instagram here.


I hate to admit it but Facebook have really impressed me during this pandemic. They seem to be keeping themselves accountable but time will tell I guess.

Facebook click image Social Media Round Up December 2017

They have made it easier for every size and shape of business to keep in contact with their audience through images, Messenger and even provided tips for Going Live in this one page. Totally free from jargon and even downloadable. Nice one Facebook!

Facebook Ad Spend is Massively Reduced, so Facebook Reduce Rates!

Yep, that's right. People just aren't spending what they used to on ads, so Facebook decided to make their money go further. I understand it, they have staff they have to keep employed and paid, and this will probably hit their profits somewhat as well too. However, they also want to keep their clients in business!

So don't be put off by doing ads right now - most especially if your business is an essential one. Your ad spend will go further right now!

Google My Business

The team at Google have got you sorted when it comes to this pandemic. They've made it easier to show new office hours, safety precautions and more. As you update your stock on products you can forewarn your audience you're running low here too. Please read the full updated changes here.

Useful Blogs

Creating a Social Media Content Plan by Jacinta Dempsey The Social Network

Improve Your Business from Home During COVID19 by Denise Whitmore The Social Media Department

How to Use Instagram Video to Drive More Sales by Mitt Ray (Guest Blog on

Useful Webinars

It's well worth checking regularly on Eventbrite for FREE and Paid For webinars coming up this month that can help support your business. They are available on Facebook, Zoom, Crowdcast and many other streaming platforms.

Please remember the Local Enterprise Office also run Free webinars and provide mentoring and financial advice too.

If you have any queries about any of the information in this blog, please let me know and I'll direct you. See you next month!

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