One Step at a Time...

by Melanie Boylan
Business Mindset

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Small business owners are under so much pressure to make money from the beginning of their business, that time and time again I see they take on too much and try and do everything all at once.

Many business owners burn out personally or financially for this very reason and it is such a shame as some businesses really do have a fantastic message, service or product to share. Business mentors and advisors are great but can be pricey for a start-up which is why I will always recommend the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Business Mentors, they are heavily subsidised and local business networks. Yes you do have to pay for the networks but €100 for a year is next to nothing to glean the fabulous lessons learnt from other business owners and the relationships you develop through them.

If at all possible set up a website sooner rather than later. It doesn't have to be huge, but the sooner you start generating SEO on the website and update it regularly you gain Google traction and get found much easier without paying for Google Adwords. Make sure if you set up social media platforms that you share the link from your website to drive traffic to it. The source of all of your content should be from your website where possible, namely blog posts, images, events, offers and products.

Each month pick one thing to work on branding/business message, website (content generation and scheduling, images and SEO), social media platform(s) (as above), business cards/flyers/roll-up banner or stand, etc. Short of a lot of investment at the beginning of your business you are not likely to make a lot of money straight away. All you can hope for is that it doesn't cost you too much!

Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help! Many business owners remember what it was like at the beginning. You get pounded with so many things you should do,"guaranteed to work" slogans sent to your inbox and negative messages on where you are going wrong. Well I'm here to say, you are going to go wrong now and then, but that's OK, it's how you learn! Try not to listen to the nay-sayers and surround yourself with people who want to help...

One step at a time....

If you need support, advice or management, please visit my website learn more.

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