How to Stop Down Playing Your Own Knowledge

by Melanie Boylan
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"The problem with being in our space for so long, is we forget no one else knows it as well as we do."

This was something I wrote to someone in a message earlier this week and it got me thinking. It really is quite an issue! We can all get quite complacent at times and it's easy to forget what you know. In the same vein I think we can all get a little self involved as well at times too. We assume everyone gets what we mean, which isn't always the case.

Pretty much since I started my current business journey I have suffered Imposter Syndrome. I am well aware I am not special or unique when it comes to this and every now and then, it is a necessary evil that you experience it. It snaps you back to reality like nothing else does. Karma is there; to always level you in my opinion. I don't claim anywhere online that I am an "expert". Never have. Not because I don't feel I don't have the ability but because I accepted a long time ago, that someone out there will always know more than me.

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I am however good at explaining what I know and I am exceptionally patient with people. Both excellent attributes of a competent Trainer.

Let's get back on track..Being in our space...

The Problem

Whatever sector you are in, the hope is - you know it fairly well right? You have built up time and experience in it. People know you for it and recommend you. That is your space.There is no shame in feeling confident in your ability. You have worked hard to get where you are and it's only fair that you are recognised as knowledgeable in it. Over time however we forget what we know and stop recognising that some people don't understand what we mean or lose patience with people who can't keep up.

I have also come across people who feel they know all they need to know as well. This can be very frustrating as life and business does not stop still for anyone anymore!

The Solution

So how do we overcome this? There is no easy and simple answer to this question. What I have come up with (and seems to work) is to start writing down every single thing I do to help support businesses with. This list is not exhaustive and it gets updated a couple of times a year. In my particular sector, social media platforms come and go, so it needs to be updated anyway.


Write down what you think you do in your business, then ask friends and family members what they think you do as well. They rarely tally entirely!

If you wrote down a heading for each area of knowledge you have in your business, how quickly do you think you would fill an A4 page?

You won't JUST know your direct business but others connected to it - that support or work with your business. These need to be documented also. Most especially if you have up-to-date knowledge in these other sectors, as this is part of your product / service delivery also.

Are You Downplaying Your Knowledge?

The greatest test of this is how you introduce yourself or speak about your business. The top three things I have come across is:

"well I am only...."

The apology before you start your speak "Sorry but I am a Small Business"

"I just don't have time...."

We have all managed to cope with things when something crops up haven't we? We all some how "manage" when we have to stop and do something out of the ordinary.

The only real limitation we have is ourselves. Something I have only recently accepted after nearly 6 years in business. Of course there are others like money and family responsibilities but there are small funding opportunities, sponsorship and friends and family. We just feel we don't qualify or want to trouble our family for childcare.

Be the Change

If you understand precisely what limits you then you can find ways to stop being limited. Stop building roadblocks for yourself, there are plenty of people who already do that for you.You may well be a small business and only limited by being one person. If that is what's holding you back from further success, partner up!

Be's too short to watch life pass by. Be the inspiration, be the change.

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