How to Create a Client Profile

by Melanie Boylan
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How to Create a Client Profile

Why do I need a Client Profile?

A client profile assists with so many things! For example it can help design your shop front and promotional material to appeal to your demographic. It can help you create content for each of the relevant audience segments so that they get the relevant information on the correct platforms.

Many startups believe that "everybody" is potentially their client and to a certain extent they're absolutely right, but if you don't target your audience at all, the message of the service or product you offer won't reach them. You need to tell them:

  1. What Problem Do You Solve?
  2. Who would purchase your solution?
  3. Why would they purchase it from you?
  4. Where could they purchase it from?

The "When" is always the toughie, no matter what problem you solve. If you sell pensions as an example, these are available to people from the age of 18 all the way to an old age as people can move their pension plans around. If you're a restaurant or winery there are natural restrictions of course but again it's a large range. The "When" is one of the major factors to hone in on and what takes you from "everyone is my customer" to actual people that will purchase what you offer.

Let me return to food and look at a Fish and Chip Shop. They have a fairly large offering on the menu these days but normally they would only offer a lunch menu through to very late night food.

  1. The Problem: Solving hunger!
  2. Who: People who are hungry
  3. Why: Because that's what they fancy, you're the closest shop, within their budget and it suits everyone who is ordering, etc.
  4. Where: Online app, shop front collection or delivery.

The first four are always the easiest to complete. As the scope of the 5th item is of such a wide area you need to look at your current clients (or predicted ones) and decide a more detailed breakdown of them to reach the crux of the "When" as listed below:

When they buy

  • They are low on income and need something filling and appetizing (students)
  • The location of the shop is easy to get to and has great, free parking
  • It's easier to purchase a meal for the whole family in one visit
  • Going out again, so don't have the time to prepare something themselves
  • Something to celebrate! Something to snack on the way home as a treat
  • It's because their electricity is out or they are getting their kitchen replaced

All of the above examples are meeting a persons needs and/or requirements and all are as valid as the next. By placing an ad out there on social media or in the local press, etc it is giving the general public these options and it places the shop at the forefront of their mind when these needs need to be met!

All of these suggestions can be placed with many businesses out there. Try them against yours and see what you can come up with?

There is a way to further hone this criteria, like understanding your clients salary and way of life and reading material to really target specific bands of people, if you would like some more guidance on this please do not hesitate to contact me!

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