How to Manage Your Ad Preferences

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media How To’s and Top Tips

Do you know how to manage your ad preferences in Facebook? It's not entirely obvious how to do it in fairness but it saves you seeing ads that are plain not relevant to you at all. This has been asked a couple of times already this week so I just wanted to put up a handy help for those that need it!

First, find one of the ads you wish to remove from your newsfeed:

ad preferences beg

As you can see, I have selected the ad and gone to the top right hand corner and clicked on the small down arrow to get this selection. I could just hide the ad or click the other options but as I don't want to see this type of related content in my newsfeed I will click "Why am I seeing this?" instead.

ad preferences options

Now I can give the relevant feedback directly to Facebook on my thoughts on this ad by selecting the happy or sad face. If that isn't quite enough though or I want to see what preferences I currently have then I just click on to Manage Your Ad Preferences just along side the faces.

It will then bring me to this page where I can manipulate the preferences to my liking.

ad preferences selection

Once you have clicked through the sections and unticked areas or added them in the search bar you should hopefully receive the ads that you may actually enjoy and support!I hope this helps!

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