Dropping on your SEO

by Melanie Boylan
Business Mindset

Having spent the previous month actively posting on my blog, I then fell the way of many bloggers and stopped for a period of time! When bringing new people to your Page it is important to keep your SEO a priority.Great that my followers are learning from my mistakes!It is important to continue blogging (where possible of course) in order to keep up your SEO. The public need to see a relatively constant stream of information from their chosen blogs in order to retain their interest and without it they may go elsewhere for their "fix" on finding out what is going on. As a new business myself its difficult to prioritise everything at this stage - as everything is pretty much as important as the other. I want to use this blog to show how a business is set up, what obstacles come along and hopefully - how to overcome them.

Although I have this website, I am not currently trading as the initial set up costs are too high for me at this stage and I would feel more confident if I did a little more training in order to provide the best service I can.Training for me at this time involves doing a "Start Your Own Business" Course that is heavily subsidised by Wicklow Enterprise Board and can I say I am mightily impressed with all that I have learnt thus far from their fantastic trainers. All are Irish, Local, Start Up, Sole Traders and have a fantastic range of knowledge and skills and frankly more importantly are willing to "spill the (realistic) beans" on what to really expect from doing this.My wish is to support people from these courses (as well as other types of public contact) so that they are being shown from the get-go how to set up a relevant and professional page and make updates.I hope you enjoy this blog and endeavour to be more prompt with it for a bit anyway!

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