Blazing a Promotional Trail with Tail Trails

by Melanie Boylan
Business Mindset

Tail Trails in Wicklow
All the services provided by Tail Trails in Wicklow

When I met Darina and Alison in one of their houses in Wicklow, I was welcomed straight away by a couple of dogs and lots of rain so unfortunately the walk we were hoping to do was called off! The ladies had already left out some promotional literature for me and over a cup of tea we started to discuss how "Tail Trails" came into being.

Darina has been working with animals for different agencies since she was 16 and has recently completed a course in FETAC Level 5 in Animal Care after having a long term love of animals. I learnt that Alison helped set up "Chance" and had recently left to devote time to her new venture Tail Trails with Darina.


Though the business had only come into being October last year they are already quite busy and do walk's with various types of dogs in different locations around Wicklow. They are however not solely dog sitters, they have already cared for cats and fish as well as dogs, so any animal is safe in their hands whilst you take a break from things.

There are times of course when your pet is ill and you have to be at work, Darina and Alison can collect your pet and take them via their "Pet Taxi" service to the vets, groomers or anywhere else your pet needs to be.

The ladies are well aware that some dogs will need to be walked with others to socialise them and will always take the utmost care that all animals are given a great walk with plenty to do and when required/desired can lone walk other dogs too.

I also found that they do get a lot of enquiries regarding Pet Sitting, which is another service they perform. Some dogs and cats really don't get on well in kennels and catteries so Darina and Alison will check on your pets several times a day and make sure all is well whilst you're away.

I found out whilst chatting that Darina also makes doggie treats too. This multi-talented young lady really can make dog food look like upscale baking!

Doggie cake

You can find full details of their services on the Tail Trails website and Facebook Page.

Please call them on 086 405 1358 or 085 777 0667. References can be provided.

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