Being Memorable

by Melanie Boylan
Business Mindset

Services have the more arduous task of getting themselves to Business Events and Networking Events in my opinion. They have no products that stay longer than them, no tangible "thing" to make them more memorable. It is a serious issue, its well known that the more senses you can appeal to, the easier it is to remember someone or something.

Let me give you an example...

Think about this....

It's the weekend and you find yourself with a spare fifteen minutes and you look back through the past, distant time when you had a life (before being knee deep in nappies, long overtime at work or yet another really important personal review of your job) and would go out away with friends. You think of the weekend you made it to The Lake District, a shared farm cottage, fire roaring, all of you dressed up in woolly jumpers and blankets as banks of steam, stream from your mouths as you all talk at once about the time one of your friends fell over the stile and straight into a cowpat bum first. It's hilarious. You'll never let them forget it (trust me).

What did I incorporate in that last paragraph? Sight, sound, touch, and smell. Possibly a few photos too in the mix. These are all conveyed handily in the space that is known as your memory and when others hear the story it's memorable to them too, most likely. However, when you're a service, you are constantly living on the edge of other peoples interpretation of your business. If you haven't quite worded an email correctly or put the decimal place in the wrong spot on a quote, you are invariably stuffed to put it bluntly. However, if you're lucky enough to be a product, especially like Snugglepuff Crafts (as found on FB) they can send you back eons with their products. They look, smell, feel wonderful and generate lots of squeals of happiness. I guess I just wanted to write this to show a little solidarity to other services out there, to let you know you're not alone in realizing how hard work it is to set up in business and more to the point remain in business. You are a credit to the human strength of determination and I for one think you're doing a great job! From a fellow Service Provider :)

Snugglepuff Crafts

A sample of the work that talented Siobhan Harding of Snugglepuff Crafts can do.

Snugglepuff Crafts

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