The 3 Values Funnel System

by Melanie Boylan
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These 3 values help you build the best customer experience and offer the most value. Read this today.

Businesses market themselves in various ways, and naturally their sole objective is to get conversions (aka sales or ideal outcomes) by meeting their audiences expectations. The trouble is what exactly are our customers expecting?

Personal experience and analytics can help us with some of this, however by only having one ideal answer to one ideal customers pain point can limit us.  If we can cater to our ideal audience in more than one way, we can build a stronger relationship with them and perhaps find ways to continue to provide value to them. The “one and done” is a less than ideal way to help people.  

To this end, having a good understanding of the 3 values helps us better balance how we can surprise and excite our audience and be in a better position to offer or products and services to a wider range of people.

This is why I think it’s important we have a balanced knowledge of these 3 values known as service values (tiers), relationship values, and commitment values (levels), to suit your customers’ needs and aspirations.

Service Values: for example, Bronze, Silver and Gold

This is just an example of what you may want to offer.  It can help set boundaries and levels of offering and expectations.  It could also help your audience better understand your range of services and products.

With this tier system you can craft and manage expectations by outlining what you offer for each tier and help draw a visual picture to your customers.  It may also help you price yourself as well!

Relationship Values: Hand Raiser, Hand Shake and Hand Hold

The Hand raiser is the beginning of the journey with your business.  It’s normally something like a download, maybe signing up to a free webinar, or you could simply ask someone to start following you on social media.

It doesn’t normally require any financial commitment but can take your email address as a payment. This section of relationship values, simply wants you to visit the website, there you get captured for potential retargeting, if you’re doing paid ads of course.

Next up is the Hand Shake and this is when you start a more two way relationship with your potential customers. Now you’re arranging a call, their attending a workshop or you’re asking them to get more actively involved with your social media.

You may want to ask them what their goals are? Can you outline all the ways your product or service supports this.

Finally, the Hand Hold. By this stage in the relationship, your customer knows exactly what you offer, and you become the “trusted” person.  You may want to offer accountability, coaching, special offers / loyalty discounts and more.  They will see you as their go-to and you may even have your customer as an affiliate by this stage, they are that invested in you.

Commitment Values: FAQ’s Troubleshooting and Accountability

There are quite distinct times we use certain services. A lot of them would be FAQ’s like builders, car sellers, estate agents, buying shoes and clothes.  They all provide a service that we have to shop around and see if each product or service meets our specific requirements.

The troubleshooters would be people like plumbers, plasterers, mentors and accountants! They have a specific pain point that they cater too and normally require a bit more information in order to work with. They also tend to be there when we are under pressure and need more information or help than an everyday chat.

Lastly, we have the accountability type people.  I would see these are again mentors and coaches but also people like financial advisors and even hairdressers.  These are people we build a longer term relationship with, we buy in to the person, the knowledge and the price point as we see their full value and what it brings us.

If you can flex all of these values in your marketing, messaging, mission and vision statements, you have fully understood the customer journey and user experience. How many of these values do you already use, and have you explained them to your audience as of yet?

If you would like some assistance creating your 3 values, then contact me today.

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