STOMP and IPA Group Collaborate on Podcast

by Melanie Boylan

Let me tell you the story of this new venture I am doing with Esther Ocampo of IPA Group.

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing this lovely woman for about 5 years now (2020). We initially met through the Irishbizparty network and later the Womens Inspire Network and we have worked together several times on events ran through both networks for Samantha Kelly. Invariably, we wouldn't get a huge amount of time together as we working frantically at these events but we always worked well and clicked.

Last year at the WIN Conference in Dublin, I was standing in a small group with Esther and others and we were having a banter when Sarah Dineen of WOW Events piped up and said "You two are so funny, you should work together on something, maybe a podcast?". Looking back I realise that this was probably a throwaway remark but the weirdest thing happened. Myself and Esther looked at one another and we immediately sat down and discussed starting one. For the life of me I don't know what hit us but it genuinely seemed like it was the most sensible idea in the world!

So after much debate, discussion and laughs, we decided to go ahead and start one. This month we opened up our Podcast and we can be found in several places: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Spotify

The website is still under construction so forgive the state of it, but you can access the podcasts there! Please listen, share and subscribe!

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