STOMP Sponsors WIN

by Melanie Boylan
Event Write Ups and Takeaways

I have made the commitment this year to sponsor an event that was close to my heart and that I could promote wholeheartedly to my clients and an event where they could benefit from attending.

STOMP Sponsors WIN

I have been to and helped out at a few of Samantha Kellys events now and I have always taken away great information and also relationships that have been personally very beneficial to me. I like to be attached to events that are well run and executed and that are fairly priced and available to everyone. I have been very lucky this year to be invited to (speak) and attended several events that I believe in and I will always be a strong supporter of.

If any of my clients would like to know more about these events, then do please check my events section regularly. I don't always go to these events but I share them to benefit others.

If you would like to take advantage of a €15 discount for your ticket, then make sure you put in promotional code "stomp" when buying your ticket!

I look forward to seeing some new faces as well as the old ones at these events!

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