Social Media Round Up May 2018

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up May 2018

It's been a busy, frustrating, exciting mix-up of a month! With the workload ever increasing (wonderful!), GDPR (driving me mad with emails), training evening (not as busy as I would have liked), birthday (less said about that the better, I'm older..) and of course my trip to Russia (exciting!!).The win of the award in March with the Micro Business Awards has really raised my profile. So has this new charity hashtag #tshirtforaweek that I have started this month and has developed into a really enjoyable "movement".


It may be an oldie, but always a goodie! I find people struggle a lot with with blog and Facebook image sizes and you can rely on Hootsuite to bring out a strong and relevant blog post that helps: How to Create Great Facebook Cover Photos: Sizes, Styles and Examples


If you find LinkedIn confusing or you feel you're just not using it to its fullest than let me recommend Melonie Dodaro's book LinkedIn Unlocked. It is a perfect guide for Social Selling on this platform.


I am going to say very little about this to be honest as its all pretty much mentioned thoroughly by now! I just wanted to make sure my audience understands what this means. I found this link very useful if you are still confused by the issue!

Charity #tshirtforaweek

Aside from the endless respelling and rechecking before I post (which could undoubtedly end up in juvenile giggles) this has been immense fun starting! I started with BUMBLEance as they have been my long term charity for 4 years now. other charities have been contacting me and booking themselves in in the weeks coming up which is handy too. I still have lots of gaps though. If you can think of an Irish charity that could do with a FREE bit of visual marketing then please do let them know about this and read the link above for more details as to what it covers.

Useful Blogs

6 Important Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media Analytics - By Mitt Ray8 Top Tools to Your Social Media Conversion Strategy - By Lilach Bullock

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