Social Media Round Up March 2016

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Hi folksThis months Social Media Round Up has been fun to put together! Great updates and information is running rife out there at the moment and I am very lucky to know a lot of the leaders who forefront the changes!

The beginning of the month saw me at the Social Media Summit at the Aviva Stadium on their team! What an experience and the ripples are still spreading a month later! Next year is going to be awesome! Sadly I missed the Gary Vaynerchuck visit due to prior engagements but there was plenty of write ups on how good it was, so do a Google search!


Thanks to Dorcas Reamonn who brought this to my attention!

Response Time Settings on Facebook

Now you can set your own response time! Go to your Fan Page, Settings and Messaging. You can also change to Instant Replies, handy thing to do if you are off to an event for the day and don't want to keep your audience waiting! Great add-ons Facebook

Facebook Ads

A great and easy to understand image was found by Julia Bramble only this week to make it clear just how bad too much text in your Ad would be. The link for the full details can be found here!

Facebook Ads how much text?


Was shown this fab video by Kathy Terrill and couldn't agree more with all of the points they made! Do you dedicate any time to Google+? I know we can't be on every platform, no one can, but the usefulness of it cannot be understated!

If you can squeeze some time on it - you'll be amazed how it supports your searchability and Google Ranking!

Stock Photos

If you're like me you are always on the look out for images for your content, well, Julia Bramble mentioned this site which is opening up in April for "ladies". Sorry fellas, when I find one for you, I'll share!

Mind Bending!

Do you have any idea how much social media is changing your brain? Neither did I until I saw this video. Food for thought perhaps?

Promoting with Video

The lovely Ineke Oates of Little Lady Apple Social Media Training recently shared an article that I took to heart. A very useful post about how to use video cost effectively to promote your business and brand from writer Margot da Cunha of It really is something that I have to take onboard more seriously in the coming months, it's such a vital arm to promotion, so may as well start with this!


I love Agorapulse, fantastic tool and also has some fab blogs on there too, I have had it as a tool for a while but really only understood how to use it in the past few weeks after having a chat with a fellow marketer. Check this one blog out from Stephanie Nissen on How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Build your Influence.

Useful Blog Posts

Not that you need any more motivation than you currently have of course, but Samantha Kelly shared this blog "The Art of Standing Out" earlier this month and it is hugely motivational and supportive of the usefulness of social media! It's short, direct but it's the fundamental reason why we social media trainers and consultants exist! Kudos to

Also a well viewed post on LinkedIn from Denise Marie Whitmore about "When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook" showed up in my newsfeed. Very handy from the The Social Media Department.

Last thoughts

You may know, I am on the Social Media Summit Ireland team and would love if you could sign up for the newsletter and see the build up for next year! We have Joel Comm confirmed already! Please click here and don't miss a thing!I am speaking at an event next month the BizExpo with Denise Marie Whitmore too at the City West Convention Centre on the 19th of April. If you would like to coming along to this 1 day event, please register for this FREE event today here! Stands are still available (as far as I know??)

BizExpo Social Check up
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