Social Media Round Up June 2018

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up June 2018

Happy July one and all.It's been a busy 6 months and this blogging lark gets harder and harder to do the busier I get :) However, this social media round up should hopefully be my last busy one for a couple of months!

With the upcoming Summer break for my two lovely daughters, I hope to spend some quality time with them as I count the Summers I have left with them. They are now 7 and 10 so not many!


Not technically just Facebook I know but worth putting in here anyway! If you are a Third Party App user for instance using AgoraPulse, Postplanner or Hootsuite then you may have noticed a few months back that Facebook removed the rather convenient "tagging" facility. The whole point of using these apps is to save time and by removing this one facility, it nearly doubled my workload for one particular client for 3 months! Not impressed. I was however able to schedule through Facebook of course but it meant I had to share independently to it. Fortunately after a few months of madness this has now been brought back into use, so get back tagging folks!

Fancy Doing a Facebook Live?

Don't you love Facebook memories? Well I do anyway. I have recently had this memory come back up from last year and fortunately its "evergreen" so I thought I would show you a short video I created for a group I was training last year. Probably should have completed a Facebook Live whilst doing it!

Why not view it and try it out in your personal profile and either leave it public, friends or if you prefer set it to "Only Me" and practice that way instead!

Facebook Live logo

Roles in Facebook Groups and Pages

I have been asked a couple of times recently about the different roles available in Facebook Pages and Groups so I thought it might be worth sharing here too.If you have a business on Facebook you can run it several ways. It really depends on what your business is and what kind of relationship you can create and share on Facebook. As I am sure you know, many teachers can't even have Facebook profiles (because of possible bad PR).

However, some schools or Parents Associations(for example) will have pages to engage with the parents and let them know about events and fundraising plans. When you set these up you have the choice of creating a Page or a Group. The normal process would be to make something like this a Group. This is because it's not so much a general public content, more a specific group of people. As the group grows you can add Moderators who can help you manage the group.

If however you have a business on Facebook, then your best bet is to get a Facebook Page - this is a much better way to reach a more general public. You can also do paid ads on a Page and not currently in a group (though it is thought this will be coming!) To learn more about the "powers" you have in a group with the roles - view this link. If you want to see the different roles available in a Page, view this link.

Twitter Chat anyone?

It is very daunting getting into Twitter at the beginning. It's so fast paced and chatty and if you don't respond in a good time frame you have kind of missed the boat so to speak. You can lurk and see how they happen by watching and/taking part in Twitter Parties. I would definitely recommend that for beginners. There are "Twitter Hours" for every region throughout the Rep of Ireland so where ever you are in the country you can take part in #DublinHour, #WicklowHour etc. To learn more, check out my blog here.

Google Analytics

It seems there is another new blog post every month about Google Analytics and frankly its just as well! As useful a tool it is - it is very difficult to navigate as a beginner and can be terribly off putting to some. This blog from Ian Cleary of Razorsocial goes into great detail and some great use of images too. I found this to really easy to understand and its an important tool to get a handle on.Visit his blog post today and get started!

Useful Blogs

Facebook Messenger Bots: the eyes cannot avoid what the finger clicks on - Urban Renstrom

How to Promote Your Blog to Get 1,000 Shares - Ian Cleary

If you any questions or would like to get some training in social media please visit and check out what i can help you with. See you next month!

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