Social Media Round Up June 2016

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Morning everyone,

It's the beginning of a brand now month and here is the Round Up for June. I have found that the technological leaps forward have died a death a bit this month. In fairness, it needed to as frankly my poor head couldn't possibly cope with anything else new as I am trying to keep up with what the past few months have thrown at us!

Typically July and August are quieter months but let's see what it has to offer us this year. First up is Facebook!


As you probably know - Facebook is viewed a lot on mobile these days but are your cover photos being viewed properly? Here is an article from Louise Myers Visual Social Media, that can give you a better chance of your visuals being seen properly.

image sizes

Embed your Facebook Reviews on to your Website

This sounds like a very useful thing to do and something I will do over the next week or two myself! Great find from The Marketing Crowd. Watch the video here.

How Does the Facebook News Feed Work?

There has always a little bit of skepticism on how the news feed works from Facebook users but this is a great description from Social Media Today and may allay some of your questions. Check it out here.

Facebook Live and MSQRD

This week Krishna De told us here about a new app that gives you masks and special effects or face swaps that can be used through Facebook Live. It sounds like a lot of fun and relatively easy to do. This has been on the cards for a while now since Facebook acquired the MSQRD app. Thanks to Krishna for keeping an eye out on this!

Personal and Pages Organic Reach??

I heard from Commentrix this week that Facebook in their infinite wisdom are changing the algorithm to show Pages that are more shared on Friends profiles will be shared more organically. Marketing Land got this out on the 29th of June so I just managed to get this in the round up for the month. Read the full article here.


I know, I know - we should all blog yadda, yadda, yadda but it's hard right? Well with the right tools and inspiration it gets considerably easier! I subscribe to an email from The Social Ms and get little gems of info in on a regular basis and this particular one caught my attention.

11 Tremendously Tools Bloggers use for Sure-Fire Success.

BLOG image

Generating content for any type of business is a must, you don't have to be a big business either. IF you have a website it is essential you update it regularly in order to have the google bots return on a regular basis and obviously using your keywords in an appropriate manner are important too. During the month Amanda Webb of Spiderworking mentioned an article called 4 Resources to Help You Brainstorm Ideas for your Next Blog Post, great read.

Google+ Reviews

Have you received many reviews on Google+ for your business? It's wonderful when you get a great review but what do you do when you get a bad one? This is an old post from Martin Shervington from Plusyourbusiness but he recently reshared and you'll find it very useful.


Time Management

Please note I am NOT being paid to mention this! I have been using Agorapulse (they do free trials!) for some time now and realised recently that I haven't been using it properly at all. I will be updating my training on this platform in the short term in order to make the most of it but when I came across this post from Vikki Taylor who shared it only last week, I wanted to show you what you can do with Agorapulse. If you currently use this platform I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Just email me at, thanks!


An Event for Your Diary

I am sure my regular followers are aware I have attended several of Samantha Kelly's (Tweetinggoddess) events in the past and will always recommend them. Well next up is the Women's Inspire event in October. The speakers arranged already are varied and amazing. Book your tickets or apply for a stand here.

Kitchen Table

Blogs to Read this Month

Ineke Oates of Little Lady Apple Social Media Training wrote this blog in May about the apps she couldn't live without. What would be your go to apps?

Dan Purvis of Comms Axis wrote a blog post about the buying out of LinkedIn last week. If you use LinkedIn for business you may find the content of interest.

Well that's my round up for this month, but if there is anything you would like to recommend for next month or you want to see something in next months issue please let me know. TTFN!

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