Social Media Round Up July 2015

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

What a tremendous month it has been. Well for social media anyway, apparently its been the wettest July in Ireland on record. This month Social Media Round Up has some things to think about definitely!

Google Launches Timeline Tracker

I'm sure if you have been using a Smartphone for a while you will know that Google uses your location to find local facilities and of course for the Maps facility, but now all of that data is kept and collected and tracks ALL of the places you have been too, how long you were there and how often you return. Google has reassured users that this information is only open to you but you can still remove this capability if you wish. Check out this blog post from Cheatsheet to learn more and to see how to switch it off if you wish.

Facebook "Other" Inbox

I have recently had a client approach me about missing messages on her personal profile. She was hoping to buy something in a local Buy, Sell and Swap page and was told numerous times she had been messaged but said she hadn't received a message from the seller. This was because she wasn't aware that she had this other Inbox. It is treated like a Spam filter and only people and pages that aren't already connected to you will have their messages sent to this Inbox. Find more here!

Big Changes in Facebook

Article from source:

Fixing Up Your NewsFeed: UnfollowNow you can simply unfollow people instead of unfriending, it's not just for celebrities! This way you get to stay in contact with the people that you see all the time but can still visit "Friends" pages when you like.

  • List Your Friends: Star your friends to show them in your newsfeed
  • Legacy Contact: Choose to add one or delete your page when you die
  • to jump back to a certain date and get a digital history of that time.
  • Create a Scrapbook for your Child
  • Messenger without a Facebook Account and video calls

LinkedIn Top Tips

Lilach Bullock Big Social

I had the privilege of meeting Lilach Bullock at The Big Social Media Conference this month and she has a fantastic website full of glorious tips on social media. I have been trawling through it and found this very useful post from way back in January 2015, on LinkedIn personal profiles, the information is still current and of use. Thank to Dan Purvis for creating it!

Useful Tips for Facebook Business

  • Make sure to add your Facebook Business Page to your Personal Profile
  • Claim your business page name
  • Don't make your business a Closed Group on Facebook

Useful Blogs

Carol Faughnan recently put out her useful blog post on how to back up your Wordpress website into Dropbox

Samantha Kelly (Tweeting Goddess) has a blog about how to stand out as a Leader on Twitter.

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