Social Media Round Up January 2020

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

I have shivered all the way through this month, though not at the office, its perfect here :D

I have had the most extraordinary month ever at STOMP HQ, hence why this one has gone out a few days later than normal!). This would traditionally be my ahem... quietest month. However, I've been asked to do 14 quotations and converted 12 of them! I am now booking myself into events and training sessions for March which is lovely.

Any who, enough about me, for now. Let's see whats been happening in social media shall we?

Who wants to become an Influencer?

During the month at one of the days training I was running in Dublin, I was asked how to become an Influencer. It's a very good question and unfortunately I wasn't in a position to answer it then so I promised I would add this to my round up for this month.

I think all Marketers and indeed anyone who has a business on social media wants to be known as an Influencer. It's exhausting to do though, unless it's something that really strikes a chord with people at the right time.

Weirdly enough only 2 days later I found this rather in depth blog post on Influencing and Micro Influencers from Charli Day.

Please remember who sent you on your way ;)

Video Content Creation

Video is more and more what I am seeing on my newsfeed. Almost all of it is pre recorded but there are some brave enough to do a Facebook Live or two. My good friend Marie-Clare Byard of Now Media trains people in it, if you're looking to learn how to do it yourself using your smart phone?

However you reach your audience, it is somewhat of a necessity that you incorporate some video, some where every week. I tend to do mine in Instagram Lives, I get more response there for some reason? Have a read of this article by Tom Poporomis in Entrepreneur who gives you some brilliant insights on how to create and prepare yours.

LinkedIn Features

Nice to see LinkedIn have started the year with a bit of ramp up. These updates include inviting people to follow, a LinkedIn Live integration and posting option updates.

I like the option to increase my LinkedIn Business Page following, I graft to put content on that and rarely get any new followers, so this will be good. The Live integration is very much hopping on the bandwagon with the other platforms, but people still don't really have the confidence. Hopefully this will change.

The last update is handy too. Facebook have allowed you for a long time to post as yourself OR your business - now you can do this with LinkedIn. To see the update in full, please read this blog post from Search Engine Journal.

When's the Best Time to Tweet?

Tweeting is a complete mystery to a lot of people, it's so fast paced and such a hungry beast that you really do need to devote a lot of time to it to make it worth while. This blog post from my friend Eimer Duffy of FIT Social Media has gone some way into explaining how to work out when to do it.

If you plan to market something to your audience it is better to get your tweet to the people when they're there!

Have a read here.

Don't forget to check out my Events Page for things to attend that may support you and your business.

If you have any questions, as usual please don't hesitate to contact me.

See you next month....

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