Social Media Round Up January 2015

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

My first Social Media round up for the year! In these I will be giving you a short, concise brief on the new updates and techniques that I have heard about and picked up on over the past few weeks. I will do this at least once a month but if something significant comes up I will do more often.

I will source all of my updates too, so you can follow up with the original content in your pursuit for greater understanding of Social Media!

Little known hacks to every day ones are out there for you to help you make the most of your time. Some of them will cost a monthly fee but most of them don't. It's trying to incorporate these into your routine which will be the hard part, it is for me also!

Save on Facebook

You can "Save" articles with links on Facebook, really handy when you want to share / find an article later. You can also do it from your iPhone or Android

Save on Facebook

You can also rearrange the order of your tabs on your business page now so you can get visitors to your page to see the most relevant parts of your business. This will become all the more important if you add videos to your page, but more about that later. First click on "More", "Manage Tabs" and then move them around where ever you like.

How to Manage Tabs on Facebook
manage tabs1a

There are loads more useful bits and pieces here from Blog Hubspot, carefully put together by Lindsey Kolowich on the 16th January. This took some time and effort by her, so please check through carefully, she has some gems in there.

Organic Reach on Facebook

This is down to an all time low and will only get worse over the coming months - so has said many recognised leaders in Facebook Marketing. (Source: This means we have to be much more strategic in what we post and when. I don't think anyone is suggesting that all posts need to be "boosted" but you need to provide much better quality content and boost the odd post to keep people on your page "engaged".

Remember to keep an eye on your insights and remember they do change regularly, through the seasons and when big events occur too (Christmas, Summer Holidays etc).

Interest Lists on Facebook

What is an Interest List?

These help you organise and see content on pages that you have previously "Liked". There are 2 methods you can utilize when using these lists. You can create your own or follow someone else's. As an example you could perhaps create a list for suppliers or charities you follow.

Once you are in your interests page, click "Add Interests" and then create a list. Search for the members you want to add to it by using the search box, alternatively use categories to browse. Once you have added all that you want in the list click Next, then pick a suitable name for the list. Then you can pick a privacy setting (public or private), Public lists can be subscribed too by anyone. Once that is resolved, click done. Simples!

Once you have created your list, you can go to it anytime by looking on the left hand side of your newsfeed under the Groups you follow.

Next month I will go through useful information and hacks on Google+. Be sure to pop back!

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