Social Media Round Up February 2015

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Hi again!

February is coming to a close already and here is this months Social Media Round Up with STOMP Marketing and PR, so much has changed in the past four weeks and here is a couple of things I have heard about and started doing.

Facebook Call-to-Action Button

Have you been given the new facility to simply add a button to your Facebook business page where it can take your customer direct to your webpage and they can learn about an offer or sign up to a newsletter in 1 click! This will be an incredible bit of SEO for your website and be clear from the get-go to a visitor where to find your page and place them where you want them to go. It was rolled out from mid-February so be sure to link yours when you get it. You can also change the link to different parts of your website or change the button from Shop Now to Learn More or something else at any stage.

Creating a Google+ Circle on a Personal Account

Having set up a Google+ account you now need to "meet" and add people. Click on People in the left hand drop down menu and there will be suggestions already uploaded in there from the previous information you have put in when you set up your account. If you can't see the people you are looking for in this field then use the search box at the top of the screen and by using a hashtag you can find people in a certain field i.e. #designers or #training.

Block Facebook Game Invites on your iPhone

I use my iPhone for business and I get very frustrated with connections sending me these invites so I leaped at this when, thanks to Nicolas Garcia, thanks for putting this up!

Open the Facebook App on your phoneHit More in the bottom right hand cornerScroll down and hit "Settings"Hit "Notifications."

Under the section "How You Get Notifications," tap on "Mobile Push."

Uncheck the options that say "Application Requests" and - Application Invites.

Social Media Tool Directory with RazorSocial

They have put up their most comprehensive list to day just the end of last month, which is why is didn't quite make it into my round up!

Very well worth having a look at and investing some time in exploring all of the useful links and information

RazorSocial Directory

Blogging on STOMP

I hope you haven't missed the blog posts this month on my website! You can find them here:

What is your USP?Your Customer Value Proposition

Please feel free to comment on the blog and let others know about them.

Useful Blog Posts

A bit Facebook heavy this month, but will share more on other mediums next month!

Jenny Brennan from Virtual Office Worx brought together all the fantastic information out there about why you should use Facebook Business Pages rather than Profile Pages.

Urban Renstrom has recently written a blog on How to set up your Facebook Call to Action Button

How to lock down the privacy and security settings on your Facebook Page from Facecrooks

See you next month!


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