Social Media Round Up December 2018

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Social Media Round Up December 2018

Happy January!I am feeling horribly bloated but weirdly satisfied about it? After essentially having the last week and a half off and happily "digitally detoxing" I am now facing another week before the kids return to school...This is a short round up mostly because there was a surprising few updates to share.

Website Leavers

I know a lot of people focus on why customers are not or won't convert on your website. Check out this article up on Hotjars that goes to the trouble of reminding you to focus on the ones that do! By looking at your customer their migration through your website - it can better determine who you can attract and get more of the same! So stop completely focusing on why they are leaving and remember to try and better understand the ones that do go on to become your customer.

How to get the Most out of your Ad Budget

Now if you're like me and a Sole Trader, "budgeting" and "cash flow" are words you become familiar with fairly quickly. So when I saw the the title above I found myself drawn to it weirdly enough...It gives you a little bit (on a lot of) different forms of advertising and its "hacks" to an extent too. Don't be afraid to try something different even this late in the year. It's a fabulous go-to and I will be exploring it myself over the coming months. Have a read and please let me know what you think of it too?

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a mystery to a lot of businesses. Which is a shame. It has over time been pidgeon-holed and it is thought only for Home Business and Craft. It is however also an excellent search tool! I use it to be found! Although not to be used in the same way as maybe Google+ (whilst its still around anyway), it can be used to not just hold eye catching images but you can again use affiliate links too! Get inspired to use a Pinterest account, easily accessible on your phone by reading this post. I have had several boards on Pinterest for yonks but again have neglected them for the new toys and the frankly more progressive platforms for a while now. Thankfully my strategy for 2019 has brought them back into the fold!

Early Doors for Google+

Truthfully I am actually quite sad about Google+ being sunsetted. I have enjoyed the platform for the last 5 years and I can see in my Google Analytics that is has definitely helped my reach and my SEO. It isn't the end of the road completely for Google products however, so make sure you read this article to see what if any impact it will have on your current strategy.We shall be saying goodbye to this product a little earlier than expected as they just keep finding more and more security issues with it. Maybe it is best that it is going the same way as Blab? Do you use Google+ at all? Well, not for much longer!

Let's hope that 2019 brings us more progressive updates, more hours in our days and less hassles! It's all we can hope for!

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