Social Media Round Up August 2020

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Welcome to August's Round Up

Have you survived the floods and gales of the last week or so?  It’s been touch and go here in the Midlands.  Now we’ve made it to the beginning of the month and a lot of our kids are back at school or going very soon at least!

Its all change in the STOMP HQ as I get ready to push my new courses in the next few weeks, so if you want to hear about the Early Bird prices then stay tuned to my email list.  My subscribers will get the preferential rate first!

Let’s get on with it shall we?


Accounts Are Getting Hacked!

More and more accounts I notice are being hacked.  I would really like my readers to seriously consider upping their security on all of their Social Media Platforms.  Once someone is in your account they can post as you or as your business.  They can post links to unpleasant sites, close your business, remove your photos!

You can appeal to Facebook of course but this takes time and who knows how much damage could be done by then.

I would strongly suggest you look to changing your password to something mind-numbingly difficult.  Add all the security you can and please also add more than one Admin that you trust on your business pages.  It's been heartbreaking, hearing peoples stories over the last 6 months and it can so easily be avoided.

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Instagram Reels

The new toy is out and Mari Smith has been ever sporting as usual and did a live demo on a Facebook Live that she shared during the month.  Some excellent tips to help you navigate around the new format and create new content.

Facebook Monetization

Yes, it's actually conceivable to make money through Facebook.  In my head it’s like Facebook are trying to takeaway the Eventbrite middle man and why not?

Now unlike the Eventbrite link (which is available to every size page and business), only a certain amount of people can qualify for this AT THIS TIME.  You need to have over 1,000 followers and also have lots and lots of video views, posts engagements and more.  So you’re probably better off doing a lot of Zoom/FB Live webinars, always offering value and then when you reach the threshold consider using this then.  If you want to learn more about this, then please click here

Google My Business

For a long time Google My Business has been just as an extension of Search on Google – which is fair.  But now GMB have started using the terms “Post an Update” which could be construed as an attempt to be like a normal “Social Platform”, rather like Facebook.

I’ve long been a user of first Google+ and now Google My Business and for me I’ve used it primarily for search but will my habits change?  In the short term, certainly not, but yours might?  Read this articles from to learn more.


The dialogue has changed a lot on social platforms over the last few years.  Tempers have flared and spikes in all sorts of “insert word” phobic has cropped up more and more.  Twitter has answered the call with a Warning Prompt as displayed below;

So how you feel getting this prompt?  Although it does ask this, it doesn’t prevent you from continuing to post.  If the language is still deemed too strong then it can be separately reported and removed by a human later.  Have a read of this post and tell me what your opinion is?


Social Media Managers Guide to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been poorly utilised for too long and they decided to set the record straight and help Social Media Managers get the best out of their platform.  To this end they created a 32 page guide that goes through the platform in detail.   So if you feel that your audience is on this platform, hear from the pros on how to make the most of it.  Check out the full details here.


Adding and sustaining subscribers on YouTube has long been the goal.  Now you can get an even deeper idea of the analytics with this update in the last month.  Previously full analytics were available only on the laptop/desktop but now the apps on your phone give you greater detail.  Learn more in this Social Media Today post.


Create, Schedule and Post Directly through Canva

Canva is the SME’s friend, I say that wholeheartedly!  It’s been an absolute godsend for my business and an awful lot of others too.  Well now those clever folks at Canva have added a planner to the mix as well.  It's only available to the paid plans but at no extra cost.

So if you’re creating lots of fresh content through Canva this maybe the ideal time to start using the paid plan?  I use various schedulers and I may look to dropping a couple now.  Bit of a game changer!  Learn more about Canva Planner here.

Social Media Planners

This is a personal recommendation and not paid for.

I’ve been using these planners for the last two years and have recently bought my third one on pre-order.  I can highly recommend these beautiful and strong books.  They come with so much space!  Each segment throughout gives you tips and prompts on planning ahead and definitely help organise your thoughts.  You don’t need to be a professional Marketer to make the most out of this planner.  It’s massively beneficial to the startup and long term business alike.

So if you want to help get yourself organised with content that you need to create, special events and days coming up and create a successful Digital Marketing Strategy I would highly recommend My Social Media Planner.

Useful Blogs

How to Get YouTube Engagement and SEO for Beginners – By Melanie Boylan

How to Finally Monetize Pinterest – By Kim Garst

I hope you have found this months round up useful?  If you would like me to cover anything specific next month please let me know.  I hope you have a great month and please subscribe!

If I can help with anything, please contact me!

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