Social Media Round Up August 2015

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups

Greetings One and AllBeen a changeable month for me this month, auld August. Fortunately I haven't been too busy as I have moved house and now live in Mullingar, Co Westmeath. I am still running my business in Co Wicklow as the majority of the time I am doing it remotely anyway and will be popping down regularly to catch up with friends too. More about future developments later, it's all quite exciting here!

Are you Using Periscope for Business?

I am exploring this medium myself at the moment. I have found it relatively easy to navigate thus far and you can easily get rid of people who are misusing your feed too. You can even toggle the feed to only allow people you follow back to be able to post on it. Great idea, might get a bit fiddly when you have lots of people you are following though! Came across a very useful blog post shared by Samantha Kelly a couple of weeks back written by Heather Heuman which clearly explains how it can be used for business. Please find it here.

Facebook Notes

Mari Smith shared an article from The Verge written by Jacob Kastrenakes. You might remember a couple of years back Facebook were doing notes on their pages but they kind of disappeared into obscurity as they were only really ever in the background and never drew a lot of attention from followers on your page. I have a few notes on my page but you really need to know where to look to find them. They were used as a long-term "sticky" I suppose but I digress... Now Facebook are trying to start a form of blogging on their pages. It's not here (UK and Ireland) yet but it shouldn't be long now. Yet another platform the Marketer will need to employ and still use unique material!

Windows Movie Maker

I have been seeing quite an increase in videos in the past few weeks on my newsfeed and I have to say it is definitely drawing an increase in attention that these posts are getting. A few of my contacts are waxing lyrical about how useful and easy Windows Movie Maker is. If it's something you were planning to look into, please let me know how you get on?

Facebook Tracking

I am a big user of those "How you Should be Married to ..." apps, it's all a bit of a laugh of course and you share the results with your friends but each time you "allow" these apps to use your profile (they always promise not to post on your profile), they take a certain amount of your information for marketing purposes. This is turn impacts what ad's you see in your newsfeed. Please note that Facebook DO protect certain elements of your data (as they should!) so your name, age, address, etc are all protected but its another form of "Cookies" in essence.

Well I found this very useful blog post from Business Insider that show's you how to remove this tracking from your page and make what you see more to your liking.

How to be Loved by Google!

Do you manage your own website? Getting the SEO right on your page is a nightmare. One false slip and your ranking can make your website disappear and Google can be very unforgiving! Well Dan Steiner of Business2Community wrote a very useful article that can help you through with some very useful suggestions to make your website score higher. Personally, I will be keeping this article Saved, worth returning too.There are significant changes happening at the mo in Facebook and Blab (which I need to learn more about before I blog about it :)

Please let me know if you have any questions about this and give me a heads up if you would like me to cover something next month for you.

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