SME Support the Right Way

by Melanie Boylan

Social Media Training

I make Social Media easy! - Melanie Boylan

The service at STOMP is very supportive of all new business and I do my best to provide excellent, relevant, no nonsense advice to all Sole Traders and SME's. Please check out our contact page for more details.

Never be afraid to look for support. Talking costs nothing, why not contact me today to find out what we can do for you?

I have supported businesses for years in Ireland. So if you are looking for social media training and management, or event planning contact me today!

Facebook and Instagram Workshop February 2019

Part of the team at the inaugural Social Media Summit 2016

Event Speaking Melanie Boylan STOMP Social Media Training
Event Speaking at BizExpo

network with Samantha Kelly Helena Gilhooly Elaine Roche
Networking with Samantha Kelly Helena Gilhooly Elaine Roche

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