Making "The Jump"

by Melanie Boylan

I spoke with my local Enterprise Board this week and decided to "Make The Jump" into business. Daunting prospect! You feel that you have all your ducks in a row, then you realise that you have to actually do it in Public!Making the Jump really is quite an appropriate descriptive. You have built an idea from nothing and then put a floor in each time you have learnt something new. As things get easier and more orderly in your original concept - you put in a lift. You balance the floors and shed more light on each new idea with windows, a clearer idea of the direction of your concept and finally you reach a point where you can build no higher (straight away) and you have to move from concept/idea to actually doing it.I feel ready to start now because I have set up the business to such an extent that if I didn't, I would have wasted my time over the past few months!  I completed the Start Your Own Business Course with Wicklow Enterprise Board earlier in the year and have the time now to dedicate to it.  I appreciate that it will be a learning process doing it from here, but as an Irish Start Up, I can only learn by doing and I have other business contacts who can guide me along the way.The things I don't lack is determination and experience.  I need to find my weaknesses and build them up and push on with my strengths.  Here's to the future, please join me and we can develop together.

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