February Social Media Round Up 2016

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media Round Ups
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February Social Media Round Up 2016


This past month Diana of Commentrix showed this useful image.

Facebook User Security Habits feb 2016

Social Media Summit Ireland

Due to the lead up of the largest ever Social Media event in Ireland I have been very limited as to what I could bring you this month. I have been managing my clients as usual and working with an amazingly dedicated team of professionals to bring some of the leading thought leaders in social media to Ireland and just haven't had time to get a collection of useful threads for you, sorry! It is hoped that after the Summit I should return back to normal.

I have been stoking a lot of fires these past few weeks and they are all starting to smoulder! Please return next month for a full update on what has changed in social media and I looked forward to hearing your comments! I will also do my best to add to this article some feedback on the event overall.


Just returned from a powerful, busy and frankly awesome few days! I have managed to hobnob with the greats, work with the pro's and feel exhausted with new friends!

I now realise I will still be fairly busy after the event with managing some pages on an on-going basis Yay! I have learnt so much about organisation, preparation and actually DOING on such a large scale and I know this event wouldn't have been possible without the team who were behind it. I have already heard some tremendous feedback on speakers, venue and team and of course on Samantha Kelly and Tom Williams for making it happen.

Ted Rubin and I
Ted Rubin and me!

The networking in the evenings was also very valuable. They weren't kidding when they said "No red ropes!". I sat down with speakers and attendees alike and learnt from them and made connections. More importantly, some have wanted to connect with me which is a super treat! Entrepreneurs Anonymous sponsored both evenings and picked superb locations and I can't speak more highly for the preparation put into these as well.

When you book your ticket next year, please make sure to take part in the evening networking too as there were moments that just can't be replicated in a conference centre.

Networking Night
Antonio Calero, Jenny Brennan and Ian Cleary

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