Do You Need a Social Media Sort Out?

by Melanie Boylan
Social Media How To’s and Top Tips

When most businesses start up they have the best intentions in the world to move forward with technology. They had every intention to update these and how often they use them. However, as they got busier it gets more and more difficult to make this time available. A Social Media Sort Out is required and this can take several forms depending on what needs sorting. Here in this post I outline a suggested one for you.

Getting Started

Firstly, what social media platform do you feel you need to use? This is decided by where your audience is, not by what you prefer. If you've been running a few platforms and you have noted on that gives you more success than the other, this might be the platform you need to be on. However, it could also be that you neglected other platforms that could be as good or perhaps even better? Checking your analytics/insights on a semi regular basis is essential to build up an informed understanding of who is following you. Over time you will realise what the true aspect of your audience is engaging with you.

Leading By Perception

Sometimes your very business can be defined by the platform you use so it's important that once you start using it, it is kept up. Even if you only post a couple of times a month. Thought leadership would be the best way to make your business stand out. This is by writing about topics that your business covers and problems it solves. I know some business owners feel that giving away information online for free may "cheapen" their worth, but in my opinion it just proves their knowledge.

Third Party Apps

These are integral to managing your time better! Some are free, others are paid-for. The more platforms or accounts you are on, the more sense it is to use these. It's worth shopping around to get the best prices and special offers come up at times too. Using tools like these give you more time overall because you can schedule and also analyse what's working for you.

Branded Colours and Images

You need to make sure that the media you use is kept interesting. We are a visual crowd and text can be very limiting and considered even boring by some, so try to add banners, patterns, images or photos to anything you add to Facebook or Twitter for example. First impressions last and it's difficult to get people to return to you once they have made up their mind. You normally only get 5-10 seconds of someones interest when they find your details in a search engine so you have to make it count.

Coming Off Platforms and Keeping it Human

Finally, a Social Media Sort Out can also be getting rid of media that no longer drives your business. Sometimes we want to have so many fingers in so many pies that we spend more time on Media than on excellent Customer Service and quick response times. It is vital that once you have gained your hard earned client, that you retain them. So if you feel you have got enough time allotted to your Social Media now, then make sure you follow up all your hard work with being a responsive service provider.

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