Time Management

by Melanie Boylan
Business Mindset

Time management is by far one of the most important aspects of any business! It doesn't matter if its a new business or a long standing one, if you do not present results to your client in a timely fashion they will not be impressed. At times things may crop up totally out of your control but as long as you explain quickly to your client what has happened and what your adjusted time frame would be, there is no need for any major upset.

As my target market will be Sole Traders I appreciate (like myself) that you will need to be available for every eventuality, i.e answering phones, providing quotes, posting literatures, responding to emails, updating websites and all social media methods, seeing clients, travelling to and from appointments, etc so time management is something we will both have to keep in check.

If you need me to sort out a PR campaign in order to promote a new aspect of your service I can arrange to see you and discuss your requirements and set up a realistic time line (which can allow for some bumps in the road) and make it a smooth transition into your new project, so that you are fully au fait with all your information and know exactly what has been presented and where.

I am happy to work with any businesses for one proposal or on a continuous basis, so please do not think any enquiry is too small!

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