Social Media Round Up October 2016

by Melanie Boylan

Social Media Round Up October 2016

This month's social media round up has been great to bring to you this month.  I have been writing this in between attending several events, running a couple and getting some further training for myself - I have been on the go all month!

I did however have time to get you your latest round up, so please have a read and find out what's happened this month that may help you in your social media journey. A month full of Facebook I'm afraid!

Facebook for Business

If you don't already like this page you really need to think about it. If you use Facebook for your business then get the latest updates directly from them in real time. I have been following them for some time now and I love the uncomplicated way they explain things! The latest post I have added here is about Call to Action Updates - have a read.

Facebook Live

Well the big news this month was you will shortly be able to schedule your Facebook Live's. I know that this is the way forward for business but people really aren't "live-streaming" any way near as much as we should be (me included)! Maybe it's happening more in the States or other countries but it's pretty hit and miss here in Ireland. Even the established experts out there rarely do them or consistently. Some of it is due to time - will our audience base be online when we can do it and that sort of thing, but a lot of it is because people feel embarrassed about putting yourself out there online.


I have in the past practised on my phone by broadcasting to me only which anyone can do, just change the audience, but make sure to change it back to Public! Have a list in front of you of the things you want to cover and make sure you have a call to action at the end!

Facebook Ads

This month I came across this superb blog post by Terry Williamson from Boom Social. It's a really effective way to see what actually works for you in Facebook. Terry has gone all out in this post to show you all the features and with plenty of imagery to support his blog you get a sense that you are doing it yourself throughout. Well worth reading and saving this, especially if you are new to Facebook Ads.He was guest blogging for Ian Cleary of RazorSocial.

Facebook Campaign Planner

This little beauty was brought to my attention by Greg Fry as it happens and really struck a chord for me how useful this will be for the future. It's a sort of predictive planner, but not much else has been said about it since. I have yet to use it, once I have I will update you with it's usability. It promises to be a great addition to support marketing manager in their bid to reach the right audience. Here's the blog post from David Cohen in this months Social Times.

Image courtesy of Social Media Examiner

Facebook Events App

Facebook have churned out yet another stand alone app for use, the Facebook Events App. This time this app not only tells you about events locally - but even about events local to your friends too. It is currently out for iOS but I am sure that will change in the next couple of months. Have you used it yet?

Image courtesy of Tech Crunch

Well that's all I have time for for now, but make sure you pop back again next month and see what updates I have heard about and hopefully it will go beyond Facebook next time.

Have a great month, Melanie signing out.....

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