Review of Re:publica Berlin 2017

by Melanie Boylan
Event Write Ups and Takeaways
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I had the distinct honour of being sent on my very first overseas trip with Irish Tech News last week. They were invited to experience and review the event and movement that is known as re:publica. It is now in its 11th year and has started to expand to different countries. Ireland was the first to be added as a new venue last year and they return again this year.It was a crazy few days in a new country for me with the usual language barriers! It was however extremely well managed by a very experienced team. I can genuinely say it was a pleasure and if you find yourself free this early September, it may well be worth your while attending this event in its second year in Ireland.

They are going to be over in early June finalising details and arranging a final location. I hope to join the re:publica team and seeing what's happening when they do.

Please enjoy the article and share!

Please view my interview with the Founder Andreas Gebhard as well

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