My Journey Through BizExpo

by Melanie Boylan
Event Write Ups and Takeaways

My Journey Through BizExpo

I have been an attendee of the BizExpo for at least 4 years now and over that time my relationship with the event has most certainly grown.The first year (early 2014) I was a just an attendee, developing myself and my business was at the forefront of my mind. I knew I had to develop a network in order to grow my business and I had previously had the pleasure of meeting Barbara Gordon at another group. She mentioned that she was bringing this expo (that year) to the Red Cow Moran. I had my eyes opened up at this event. I attended the free social media training talks (Greg Fry and Samantha Kelly) and then visited the varied stands.In October 2014 I took a stand. I felt motivated that year to even bring a clients work to bring interest to the table! It was my very first business stand and helped me established a much better position to my audience.

BizExpo 2014 fairy
Fairy by Emma Jane Rushworth. Winner pictured.

I returned again last year and this time as a Speaker and a member of the Social Media Clinic Team. It was a brain child of a couple of the organisers and meant that our target audience would be getting more from their day out.

Speaking at BizExpo

Social Media Clinic Team 2016

guest speakers bizexpo 2016
BizExpo Guest Speakers 2016

Finally this year it made sense to be a Sponsor as well as Speak and be on the Social Media Clinic team. The BizExpo has grown and I have been fortunate to grow with it. Their message has become as refined as my own. The BizExpo is there to support small to medium sized businesses and move them forward and re-invigorate the message of each one.

social media clinic 2017

I really personally enjoyed this year. The buzz at the event was tremendous! I met up with lots of familiar faces but took the time to meet up with new people too. This event gives you a springboard to people you don't normally get the chance to meet and chat with.

me speaking at bizexpo 2017
Talking Canva at BizExpo 2017

Each year we get to experience something different at the event, this year was the first appearance of GTM Events. They live stream on several platforms at once from an event. A very professional bunch of people who kept me at ease and we had a nice 10 minute chat! We discussed my business as it stands at the moment and what is coming up over the next couple of months. Please see the video below:

The feedback from the event has been excellent so far and in a couple of weeks time the Exhibitors and Speakers will get a chance to meet up and network properly! It's a fantastic idea to bring everyone together as it was so busy on the day. I am looking forward to making the most of these connections and bringing you what I have learnt in the weeks and months to come.If you would like to know more about BizExpo, then please visit the website and/or speak with Barbara Gordon. It's beneficial for both attendees and exhibitors and is growing apace every year.

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