Losing your Online Presence

by Melanie Boylan
Business Mindset

Don't Lose your Online Presence
How to Avoid Losing your Online Presence

It is never a good idea to lose your online presence - but certainly worse if you have already had a presence and lost it.

Most Sole Traders and small business owners will be responsible for their own websites and their own social media. However due to the overwhelming pressures placed on them, when their business is successful sometimes things get overlooked. This happens to everyone at times of course and as long as someone tells you it's not an issue. How many times do your friends look up your business website though? Do your family look at it?

I only mention this because I recently noticed an old favourite website of mine, that I hadn't looked at for some time had closed down due to non payment. I am sure it was simply a case of them overlooking an email but their Hosting had gone unpaid and the pages shut down shortly after the due date. Once your website is unpaid there is normally a note saying the company name and an urgent request for the person owning the page to contact the host. This can in turn look very unprofessional and embarrass the business owner. Fortunately a phone call later this matter was rectified but only because I emailed the owner them straight away that it had happened.

When you have spent so much time making sure that your details and special offers are up-to-date and relevant on your website, it's important to make sure you check your messages with the Hosts own email too. This particular page is updated once every couple of months and has no blog so the owner doesn't get back to it very often, so that is how it got missed.Losing your online presence can be very detrimental these days as most people are using mobile devices to find and learn more about businesses in their locale. It's important to regularly update your website to improve your SEO but equally important to make sure its still there!

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