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Learn to get more sales from social media
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You’re feeling frustrated and fed up with social media and you just don’t feel you have sufficient time to do it effectively
The marketing side is taking you away from what you enjoy doing and it’s all melding into your family life and that just won’t do!
Traction on your social posts has been awful lately and you really don’t know what your audience wants to see to move them on to becoming your customer.
In the past you have considered handing over your marketing promotion to someone else, but the time and expense in doing this just isn’t suitable for you.

You’ve most likely tried group training from the local and national agencies and moved to a separate Mentor or two or bought several of those self paced online courses or watched hours of YouTube videos. There’s a myriad of methods out there that can be very disjointed and at times, out of date.

Even if you did get some hired help, you know that they would be less invested than yourself and everything they need like Brand persona, tone of voice, images and more need to be provided by you anyway! It would just be simpler if you did it all yourself and obviously much cheaper.

With my programme you will regain control of your time, your message AND your audience

You WILL get an endless stream of clients from social media without spending a ton of time forever posting.

It’s all about self empowerment and having the right tools to help yourself so you can have more quality time with your family.  

Tell me, how would it feel if you could have:

  • An actual social media plan that works
  • Endless content ideas that actually engage and lead to sales
  • Better engagement on your social platforms
  • Greater confidence in targeting the correct customers
  • Increasing your customer base
  • Improving sales
  • Feeling more in control of your own destiny!
  • Overall improvement on your own digital marketing skills!

When you complete my programme you'll have confidence not only in the technique's but in its overall success.  

The Sales from Social Fast Tracker Programme is no nonsense, plain speaking and accountable, which means you get results by using:

When building something of ongoing value, a good foundation is always needed. The techniques I give you, are just right to get you started on building upon your own hard work and expanding on them for your business.

Sometimes it's the small things that make all the difference. If you have any fears about using social media my style of training is for you.

Over the years I have helped many businesses prioritise their goals, streamline their social media promotion and create and implement their own social media strategy.

Katie Donlon has said

Melanie is absolutely amazing at what she does. Over the six weeks that we worked together she taught me so much on how to improve my marketing which in turn has increased customers which I am thrilled with. Will definitely be recommending her and returning if I ever need any more tips and tricks on marketing. Thanks Melanie ❤️

Collette Bryson said of the SDMS

I worked with Melanie over the last 3 months and I can tell you that she is super knowledgeable on everything social media. She has a lovely calm communication style (in the face of what must have been some stupid questions from me!) and is so easy to talk to. During the time I worked with Melanie she has helped me make sense of the Facebook ads system, has introduced me to helpful apps, has suggested many ways of increasing my profile and engagement on social media, has inspired me (but not pushed me!) into doing my first ever videos on social media, has sparked ideas for content and services and has supported me on my journey. Under Melanie’s tutelage my numbers have increased in a short space of time and I now have the knowledge to keep managing my own social media. Thanks Melanie!

With my training you:
Don’t chase your dreams
You build them!
You’re here because you know it's time something changed!
Now it’s your time to decide.

Great!  Let's get started:

It’s only a few steps from here to getting your dream of better marketing and time management.

Once you hit the Sign Me Up button, you’ll be sent to pay for the programme today.

The benefits of signing up are:

  • You’ll get direct and regular access to a Marketing Professional
  • You get to take advantage of the Early Bird Price of €497 (raises to €600)
  • There is a maximum amount of attendees per course, sign up early to avoid being pushed on to the next one
  • Get the chance to work alongside others and bounce ideas off each other
  • You’ll have accountability and will get things done!
  • Be able to change things in your business sooner, rather than later, you need to make changes now!
  • Build confidence and meet the expectations you have always wanted for yourself and your business.


“An investment in self development pays the highest dividends!  Debasish Mridha


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